About Us

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Steve Jobs

Dear friends, family and future patrons.

Thank you for visiting and welcome to Boba Love!  Our story is very simple. 

The true source of the energy that drives the Boba Love brand is our passion and love affair with this unique specialty beverage called, bubble or boba tea.

If the late Steve Jobs is right in saying that “the only way to do great work is to love what you do”, then we fully intend to do many great works at Boba Love.  Our family’s love affair with boba tea started years ago. Maybe it’s the yummy tapioca pearls or the colorful popping bobas or that irresistible, aromatic classic milk tea, but one thing lead to another, it came to the point where our weekends weren’t complete without some boba tea runs. Some of us even decided to give up boba tea for Lent one year!

Through true divine intervention, Trinh’s family (who own their boba tea shop in IL) dropped a bug in our ears two summers ago about this new adventure of spreading the love and joy that is boba tea. Fast forward two years, after many prayers, consideration, and discernment, we would like to introduce to you, Boba Love. 

In all of human history, food and drinks have always been the central bond that brings families, friends, villages and communities together. With an Asian background, Trinh and I have very fond memories of the great food, desserts, and drinks that lined the streets of Laos and Vietnam. We now would love to line Kansas City streets with our Boba Love and to share some of these delicious specialty snacks with Lenexa and all the metro Kansas City area.

Thanks, again, for visiting our website. We look forward to sharing our boba love with you.


-Trinh and Ted Noravong